TCPView is a free utility for Windows (since Windows 95), developed by Sysinternals studio, which allows you to display detailed information about network connections (both local and external) active in the OS. It is actually an addition to the Netstat library built into Windows, but it has a nice graphical interface.

Properties Overview

The application supports analysis for the following network gateways:
  • TCP, also shows detailed information about the ports currently running;
  • UDP;
  • TCPv6.
Also installed with the utility is a command-line TCPvcon command set that you can use via SSH connection as well (for remotely diagnosing PC or server connections).
  • which process activates the connection;
  • which network protocol is used by the process;
  • which ports are used by each process;
  • local address of connection (in system or remote server);
  • IP address which gateway is set up;
  • connection status of each process (active, temporary inactive, sharing data and so on).
Last analogs of the program are: QNetStatView (has open source code), Sysinternals.

TCPView in Russian does not exist. But the program interface is intuitively understandable so there is no need in its translation (although unofficial localizations exist).

Who needs it

The most popular scenario of using the program is diagnosing the programs installed in Windows about what IP addresses they connect to and what packets they send. That is the way to reveal the hidden virus applications, determine their location in the system and if necessary find out the port number through which they communicate with the remote server (to block them).

Another application variant is network diagnostics when communication with the remote server does not work or a site cannot be opened in the browser. With the help of TCPview you can test the availability of network ports.

TCPView can be downloaded from our website. The latest version is up to date at the moment of download.

Screenshots TCPView

Operating system Size Link
Windows 284KB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: 3.05
  • Updated: 14.03.2021
  • Size: 284KB
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: Mark Russinovich
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