WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden is an application for mobile devices running Android, which is a manager of WiFi connections. And if you have root access, it also allows you to hack WiFi access points, for which WPS (PIN connection without a password) is activated. The application does not have an official translation into Russian, but there are fan locales available (on the same 4pda them often posted).

Program Features

Main Application Features:
  1. View all available WiFi networks in view (including those with disabled public broadcasting SSID and the usual search they are not detected)
  2. Detailed information on each AP found. Find out its frequency, channel, MAC address, signal strength, local webmail address, encryption type used, if it supports WPS.
  3. Extract all saved passwords for WiFi hotspots from the phone (root required).
  4. Building interactive map with the available WiFi networks and their coverage area, and the distance from the phone to the routers.
  5. Hack WiFi networks with WPS enabled (requires root or Android 5.0 or higher).
WPS enabled networks are detected via PIN matching from the built-in vendor database. That is why it is not always possible to crack the network.

The latest versions of WiFi Warden for Android also allow to analyze the wireless network for vulnerabilities (the program will provide recommendations on how to protect against unauthorized access).

How to install

The only installation procedure requires the APK file of the application. You also need to allow the installation of programs from third-party sources in Android itself. There is no notebook version for Windows or MacOS (although the emulators are fine). And although the interface is not in Russian, it is intuitive, and knowledge of English is not required. In smartphones without root access some of the functions won't be available.

Download WiFi Warden with the current version free of charge on our site.
Operating system Size Link
Android 6.3MB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: 3.3.4
  • Updated: 14.03.2021
  • Size: 6.3MB
  • Language: English, Russian
  • OS: Android
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: EliyanPro
Petr Sholokhov
Petr Sholokhov

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