Hacking WiFi

Overview of popular methods and programs for cracking the password to a WiFi network that are used to test networks for security and identify weaknesses


MIMO - One of the specifications of wireless data transmission, when several antennas are used simultaneously for receiving and transmitting. It is used to increase the bandwidth of the network.

How to Share the Internet from Your Phone

Detailed description of how to set up WiFi Internet sharing from your Android or iOS cell phone, just a few steps and you will be able to share the Internet on your computer, tablet, other smartphones and even TV.

What is WPS

WPS is a protocol for semi-automatically creating a secure WiFi network. It is designed to simplify the initial setup of the router so that inexperienced users can handle the task. The standard was approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2007.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is a wireless data transfer standard whose development began back in 2017. At CES in 2018, the first devices with its support were presented, in which the peak data download speed reached 11 Gbit/s.