New sniffers


Open source program for checking port availability in the local network. It works via a terminal. Used for administering LAN networks and checking their resistance to hacking.


An open-source terminal utility designed for capturing and analyzing network traffic. It is used to test local networks for tamper resistance and search for unauthorized access points.


A Linux distribution that can be run in live mode. It is used to test the hacking resistance of wireless access points. It is a fork of Kali Linux, all attacks can be launched via a graphical GUI.


Network activity scanner for Windows. Queries the status of granted rights from all devices on the local network, examines traffic movement without intercepting it. Used for LAN administration.


Local network scanner for vulnerabilities. Attempts to compromise the IT infrastructure using all known exploits and generates a security report based on this.


Network scanner for Windows. Determines the user's access rights to all network resources. Used for LAN administration, for quick connection to NAS, disk storages.