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The "Open Ports" application (formerly called "Port Scanner") is available for Windows, Android. Its main function is to scan remote hosts and the local network, indicating the ports available and the protocol (TCP, UDP) that each of them involves. It supports both active and internal connections. The type of network connection does not matter, the utility is compatible with both Ethernet and WiFi. The interface is fully in Russian, the version for Windows does not require installation and takes only 40 Kb.


For each gateway the program shows the following information:
  • local IP-address
  • remote address (which established the connection)
  • the remote gateway value (for the server that established the connection)
  • the state of connection
  • process ID in the operating system (only for Windows)
  • which process uses each internal or external connection.
"Open Ports" is a program where you can find out what site each device on your LAN is accessing (if TCP and UDP listening is enabled in your router settings). The Android version also includes a function for quick check of the availability of the manually entered port.

Further Features:
  • Displays local and external IP of the device that runs the program
  • Works with IPv4 and IPv6
  • Has output data filtering
  • Has Auto Scanning with 1 sec speed
  • Displays MAC addresses of the devices that triggered the connection
  • Automatically enables SYN, ACK and FIN scan.

What it's good for

Locating traces of malware activity on a PC or server. Find out which ports and which processes are involved in the system. It will also help system administrators conduct a quick diagnostic of the local network and devices connected to it.

It will also be useful for testing LAN security because it displays a list of all open ports that could theoretically be used for hacking. To protect the network it will be enough to close them in the server or router settings.

Download "Open Ports" of the current version for free on our website.

Screenshots Open ports

Operating system Size Link
Windows 14.1KB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: 1.1
  • Updated: 14.03.2021
  • Size: 14.1KB
  • Language: English, Russian
  • OS: Windows
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: HackOFF
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Petr Sholokhov

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