New Kali Linux Components

Burp Suite

A set of utilities under a single GUI for testing websites and web applications for hack resistance. Emulates a virtual proxy, intercepts and modifies requests to the server.

John The Ripper

A console utility for restoring passwords to files, archives, network packets, and access points. Uses hash vulnerabilities. Works both with dictionaries and in sequential key search mode.


Information Grabber. Gets data from open sources about a person, a site, a company, a phone number, an image. Builds logical chains and uses artificial intelligence.


An open-source terminal utility for cracking passwords to encrypted files, archives and WiFi access points. It exploits vulnerabilities in hashing algorithms. Supports distributed hacking.


Open source program for checking port availability in the local network. It works via a terminal. Used for administering LAN networks and checking their resistance to hacking.


A terminal utility for testing hacking resistance of local networks, programs, and operating systems. Allows you to run various custom exploits to identify and repair vulnerabilities.


A utility for the terminal, used for pentesting, analyzing and testing hacking resistance of wireless WiFi networks. It has a built-in feature set for capturing passwords via client de-authentication.


Sniffer to intercept and analyze traffic in local networks. Used for obtaining unauthorized access to control nodes and for testing IT infrastructure for resistance to hacking.


A utility for organizing a massive phishing attack on WiFi networks by deauthorizing clients. It is used to obtain passwords to access points in the coverage area.


A utility for organizing phishing attacks on WiFi network users. It sends a deauthentication signal and then attacks the victim's PC by spoofing DNS. It is used to hack secure WiFi networks.

THC Hydra

A console utility for UNIX systems. Used to recover passwords to files, archives, gateways, and WiFi access points. Bruteforce is used, the keys are selected by dictionary or by sequential search.