New programs

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

Utility to protect WiFi from unauthorized connections. Shows all connected clients and notifies the administrator when an unknown device tries to connect to the LAN.


Linux distribution with Aircrack-NG preinstalled. It is used to test security of WiFi networks, allows password search for files, archives, wireless access points. Works in live mode.

Open ports

Network port scanner. Shows which ports are currently being used in the system, what mode they are in, and their availability. It is used to search for potentially vulnerable access points to the server and other devices.

Intel WiDi

A Windows program that allows you to display an image from your PC or laptop on a compatible TV over WiFi. It works only with Intel processors with integrated graphics.


Application for Windows. Allows you to distribute the Internet from your PC or laptop via WiFi to surrounding devices. Switches the integrated WiFi to hotspot mode.


TP-Link's graphical router configuration utility. It is used for quick router setup, SSID change, WiFi password, local network access rights allocation.

Connectify Hotspot

A Windows program for sharing the Internet via WiFi. Allows you to turn your PC or laptop into a portable access point. It also allows you to selectively limit the connection to certain devices.

Virtual WIFI

A program for distributing the Internet via WiFi from a Windows PC or laptop. It is used to create a portable access point. The source code is open. Supports MiMO technology.

Parrot Security OS

Linux distribution with a preinstalled set of software for testing information security systems. It is based on Debian, similar in functionality to Kali Linux. It uses the Mate graphical environment.


Network scanner for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Designed to search for traces of unauthorized access to the LAN, as well as to extract service information about all devices connected to the network.

Magic WiFi

An application that allows you to turn your Windows PC or laptop into a portable hotspot and distribute WiFi to surrounding devices. Supports hotspot mode to extend the coverage area of the available WiFi signal.


Software for distributing the Internet from your PC or laptop via WiFi to surrounding devices. Turns your computer into a full-featured router with the ability to monitor the connection speed of each client.

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator

Application for distributing WiFi from a Windows PC or laptop. Used to organize a portable or temporary access point. Supports MiMO, hotspot mode.