Best programs for WiFi


A program for intercepting traffic in local networks. It has open source code. Compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS. It is an analogue of tcpdump, but with a full-fledged graphical interface.


Linux distribution with Aircrack-NG preinstalled. It is used to test security of WiFi networks, allows password search for files, archives, wireless access points. Works in live mode.


Information Grabber. Gets data from open sources about a person, a site, a company, a phone number, an image. Builds logical chains and uses artificial intelligence.


An open-source terminal utility for cracking passwords to encrypted files, archives and WiFi access points. It exploits vulnerabilities in hashing algorithms. Supports distributed hacking.


Add-on for Android devices, with which you can run terminal utilities to test the resistance to hacking local networks, devices. Analogue to Kali NetHunter, but with support for most devices.


Terminal emulator for Android devices. Allows you to work with other terminal utilities under Linux: Metasploit Framework, Hashcat. Does not require Root access.


Open source program for checking port availability in the local network. It works via a terminal. Used for administering LAN networks and checking their resistance to hacking.


An application for synchronizing your smartphone (Android, iOS) with your Windows and MacOS computer. Allows you to remotely control your phone, send files to it, and receive location data.


A terminal utility for testing hacking resistance of local networks, programs, and operating systems. Allows you to run various custom exploits to identify and repair vulnerabilities.

Advanced IP Scanner

Network scanner for Windows. Used in administration of local networks, IT infrastructures. Allows remote control of devices (RDP or Radmin), send commands via SSH, tracert.

Router Scan

Windows network scanner with a set of functions for testing security systems and their resistance to hacking. Also allows to perform PIN autofinding for WiFi networks with WPS enabled, to use exploits.


An open-source terminal utility designed for capturing and analyzing network traffic. It is used to test local networks for tamper resistance and search for unauthorized access points.


A utility for the terminal, used for pentesting, analyzing and testing hacking resistance of wireless WiFi networks. It has a built-in feature set for capturing passwords via client de-authentication.

Open ports

Network port scanner. Shows which ports are currently being used in the system, what mode they are in, and their availability. It is used to search for potentially vulnerable access points to the server and other devices.


Scanner of wireless WiFi networks as well as signal from GPS satellites. Allows you to retrieve all service information about available access points in range. The source code is open.

WPS Connect

An app for Android devices designed to hack WiFi with WPS enabled. It also acts as a network scanner and shows service information about devices in range.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi network scanner with the function of graphical display of the air traffic. Used to select the best channel when setting up a new wireless access point.

WiFi Warden

WiFi connection manager for Android devices. If you have root access, it can perform PIN matching for WiFi with WPS enabled. It can also identify vulnerabilities of wireless access points.


A Linux distribution that can be run in live mode. It is used to test the hacking resistance of wireless access points. It is a fork of Kali Linux, all attacks can be launched via a graphical GUI.

PRTG Network Monitor

Network scanner for Windows. Used to monitor local networks, intercept and analyze traffic. It has a built-in web server and allows modulating network attacks to search for possible vulnerabilities in the LAN.

Kali NetHunter

A software platform for Android that allows you to run terminal utilities from Kali Linux on your phone. It is used to check for resistance to hacking PCs, local networks, WiFi access points.


Network activity scanner for Windows. Queries the status of granted rights from all devices on the local network, examines traffic movement without intercepting it. Used for LAN administration.

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