New WiFi scanners


A program for intercepting traffic in local networks. It has open source code. Compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS. It is an analogue of tcpdump, but with a full-fledged graphical interface.

Advanced IP Scanner

Network scanner for Windows. Used in administration of local networks, IT infrastructures. Allows remote control of devices (RDP or Radmin), send commands via SSH, tracert.

Router Scan

Windows network scanner with a set of functions for testing security systems and their resistance to hacking. Also allows to perform PIN autofinding for WiFi networks with WPS enabled, to use exploits.


Scanner of wireless WiFi networks as well as signal from GPS satellites. Allows you to retrieve all service information about available access points in range. The source code is open.

PRTG Network Monitor

Network scanner for Windows. Used to monitor local networks, intercept and analyze traffic. It has a built-in web server and allows modulating network attacks to search for possible vulnerabilities in the LAN.

CommView for WiFi

Program for Windows. Used for wireless LAN monitoring, interception and traffic analysis. It is able to recognize VoIP data and decrypt them.

Wireless Network Watcher

Network scanner with the function of notifying the administrator when new devices are connected to the LAN. Used for complex LAN administration and to protect it from potential intruders.

Angry IP Scanner

A cross-platform open-source network scanner. It is used to search for potentially vulnerable links in the local network for their subsequent hacking. Does not require installation, works in portable mode.


Network scanner for Windows, showing the ports used by all processes and devices on the LAN. Used for LAN administration, searching for traces of unauthorized access.


WiFi scanner with the function of building a model of the room map. It is used to find the best locations for router installation. Also displays service information on all WiFi points in the area of visibility.