Nmap is a program for scanning the local network and displaying port availability data. It is written in C++ and Java, so it is available for a wide range of operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows. It is included by default with Kali Linux (with the Zenmap graphical add-on). Works via the terminal, so it also runs in Termux on Android. Supports any LAN connection, including Bluetooth, USB.

What can do

Nmap for Windows can do:
  • detect hosts on the LAN;
  • identify available and closed ports;
  • determine which services use each busy port and the type of network connection for each;
  • need firewall;
  • scan network with user-defined scripts
  • send commands with predefined frequency
  • send IP signal with predefined options;
  • track traffic (log received and sent packets)
  • choose scan while searching for cookies
  • receive basic information about all clients in the LAN (you can determine where the router, server);
  • swap or clone MAC address from any host;
  • block access to shared resources by MAC address and IP (only if the machine being scanned from has appropriate rights).
Port scanning can be performed with more than 200 configurable settings. You can get their detailed description in Russian from "nmap". The utility is open-source and supports fast switching between network adapters or scanning in several LANs simultaneously. Installation in Windows is a must because without it the utility will not be integrated into the command line.

One of the advantages of Nmap is the ability to simultaneously launch multiple instances of the program and separately scan subnets and multiple LANs.

What are the uses

Open ports check will help the system administrator detect possible unauthorized access to the local network. The program is also good for "sniffing" network traffic. It is not able to capture and analyze it, but it will show exactly which device and through which port sends data outside the LAN.

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Screenshots Nmap

Operating system Size Link
Windows 26MB Download
Linux 7.12MB Download
macOS 30.1MB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: 7.92
  • Updated: 14.03.2021
  • Size: 26MB
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: Gordon Lyon
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