Andrax is an application for Android smartphones for pentesting (testing computer networks for resistance to hacking). In terms of functionality it is similar to Kali NetHunter, but is installed on almost any phone with Android 5.0 and newer versions. There is no Russian localization (although there are fan modifications on 4pda that add translation), it has an integrated Linux terminal emulator, which means that it can install any other software from the connected repositories.

How to install and program features

Installation is possible on devices that meet the following requirements:
  • loader unlocked;
  • kernel with WiFi scanning and USB device emulation installed (used by default in many custom firmwares like LineageOS or Pixel Experience);
  • has root access (the developer recommends using SuperSU, but also works fine with Magisk);
  • with internal memory at least 4 GB of free space.
Installing Andrax is no different from installing any other APK file. But after the first launch it is necessary to give the program root rights and allow downloading packages from the repository. Unlike the same Termux, here the developer has already provided a basic package of preinstalled utilities for pentesting, so you do not need to download and compile sources manually. It is not possible to use the program in full without root access (although the APK file is successfully installed).

Main Features:
  • breaking local networks (via WiFi or compatible Ethernet adapter);
  • finding WiFi access keys, encrypted files;
  • anonymous penetration and control of devices in the local network;
  • tools WHOIS, DNS-Cracker, Hydra (which you can also find in Kali Linux).

Who needs it

Andrax allows you to turn any Android device into a full-fledged network-hacking tool. The functionality is the same as in Kali Linux, some preinstalled programs are controlled in pseudo-graphic mode (in the terminal window).

Download Andrax on Android with the current version for free on our website.
Operating system Size Link
Windows 3.51GB Download
Android 3.16GB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: v5R BUILD: 5
  • Updated: 13.09.2021
  • Size: 3.16GB
  • Language: English
  • OS: Android
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: The Cracker Technology
Petr Sholokhov
Petr Sholokhov

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