WPS Connect

WPS Connect is a program for Android devices that will help you connect to a secure WiFi hotspot without entering a password. The hack is performed through automatic PIN-code selection and connections via WPS. The current version of the application has a Russian interface, works on Android versions 4.4 and newer.

Functions of the application

WPS Connect for Android has the following functionality:
  • analysis of WiFi access points in range (shows MAC address, device manufacturer brand, local IP address, availability of WPS connection support, signal strength, wireless network generation);
  • connect to WiFi using WPS PIN code;
  • automatic PIN selection for access point (by going through "common" passwords for a particular manufacturer);
  • view passwords and PIN for access points saved in the phone.
A couple of things to consider for user:
  • The software does not work on Android 4.4 without Root Rights;
  • To retrieve passwords to saved networks you need Android 5.0 (or higher) and root access;
  • For the application to work, you may need to install BusyBox (most Android custom firmwares already have this package installed)
  • On some devices, the utility does not work if the OS kernel has locked the ability to run a WiFi adapter in scanner mode.
The probability of WiFi hacking with WPS Connect is quite low (only 30-40%), and the router under attack must support WPS. Its main advantage, however, is its simplicity and possibility to use it for hacking without root rights (on Android 5.0 and higher). The utility does not just randomly select a PIN for WiFi access points; it uses a pre-prepared list of all commonly used standard passwords from manufacturers.

There is no Windows version. The application runs in the Android emulator but does not work properly (due to incompatibility with the computer WiFi module).

Who can use the application

The program can be used to test the penetration strength of a home WiFi network as well as to retrieve passwords from access points saved in a smartphone (this cannot be retrieved with the regular Android tools).

Other option is to connect to a router without having to get the owner password. There is a sticker with the PIN on the router case and it will be enough to connect your smartphone to WiFi.

Download WPS Connect with the current version in Russian absolutely free on our website.
Operating system Size Link
Android 2.16MB Download
Program information
  • Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • Version: 1.3.9
  • Updated: 14.03.2021
  • Size: 2.16MB
  • Language: English
  • OS: Android
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: FroX
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